covering mouth, bad breathThe following article provides a list of ways to determine that your breath is truly bad, and what you can to to reverse it. Thanks for visiting us at Personal Endodontics of Troy, MI. Enjoy reading. 

Bad Breath or Halitosis is one of the major problems which not just makes one feel uncomfortable, but also shy when talking to someone directly. Many of you won’t get the smell from your own mouth, and might be complaining about others unless someone says it’s your mouth which is giving that foul smell. You can assess whether you have a bad breath, but that would need some knowledge and technique, and assistance from someone sometimes when you cannot still assess and understand whether the foul odor is really from your mouth or not.

Here are the various ways how one can test for bad breath at home, with a help of few regularly used items.

Ask your friend whom you trust

One of the best ways to check whether you have a bad breath is by asking your trusted friend or close ones who would be frank in testing and letting you know whether they are getting a bad odor from your mouth. It is not just an easy, but a very accurate method of assessment. If your friend isn’t able to detect it, but someone else still feels that the odor is unpleasant, then your Dentist can do the best testing and even suggest you the best ways to get rid of it.

Licking method to taste bad odor

Lick the back of your hand with your tongue, and then let it dry for the next 5-10 seconds. After that, smell that part of the hand and if you feel some bad smell from there, then that is due to the sulfur salts that have been transferred from the tongue to the hand, and these are the salts that are responsible for the Halitosis in your mouth.

If there is no smell, pleasant or unpleasant, then you have no bad breath, but if there is some minty smell, you might have brushed sometime back and it is that smell which would remain for a couple hours.

Scraping tongue method

Scraping a tongue with either the tongue scraper, or a spoon would be a good way to collect what’s on the tongue and see if there is any bad breath. Scraping of the tongue can be done even using a Q-tip, or a cotton swap or a piece of gauge and apart from the tongue, the surfaces of the teeth, the inside of cheek and the gums can be scraped to get a general idea of the smell.

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