Teeth illustration, inflamation, rootsTeeth illustration, inflamation, rootsNeed a root canal? Read the article below and find out four good reasons why it’s a good idea! Thank you for visiting Personal Endodontics of Troy, MI!

The fear of having the root of your tooth removed and replaced is unreasonable in many ways. Some people have even developed phobias of root canals, which further reinforces their fear of the dentist.

Contrary to what you might believe, root canals are generally good things. They can help to prevent you from losing teeth, prevent infection and help the overall health of your mouth when they’re performed by a competent dentist.

Let’s examine four reasons as to why you might want that root canal.

1. Inflammation Pulpitis occurs when the soft nerve tissue inside of the tooth, otherwise known as the nerve, becomes inflamed. Given the tight confines of this nerve, this can lead to painful aches when biting or drinking liquids that are cold or hot.

In most cases of pulpitis, the only way to stop the pain and inflammation is to remove the pulp. You might suffer without the root canal procedure.

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