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If you’ve been suffering from bad breath, you may be surprised to find out that kicking that halitosis to the curb is easier than you might think. While brushing your teeth regularly is a big step in the right direction, your mouth is never fully clean without maintaining a fresh foundation. Keeping that foundation, or tongue in this case, hygienic and spotless is what will do the trick when it comes to maintaining pleasant-smelling breath. With this in mind, the next question that comes is “how?” Enter: the tongue scraper.

Tongue Scrapers: The Dental Tool Every Dentist Wants You to Know About

Because of your mouth’s moist environment, it is the perfect breeding ground for the oral bacteria that causes that pesky halitosis. Without fully removing those organisms each day, they can build up and create a film that becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can help to some degree, but to really see the effects of a thorough tongue cleaning, a tongue scraper is a must.

This simple tool has been clinically proven to scrape the bacteria completely off the surface of your tongue and remove it from deep down within your tongue’s crevices and pockets. The handy design of most of these tools also enables you to reach further to the back of your tongue where an ordinary toothbrush would often come up short (or leave you gagging). With this innovative yet minimalistic device, you can meet someone new with confidence and set aside the worry of chronic bad breath.

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