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“Darwinian dentistry has been providing evidence that the volume of the sinus and oropharyngeal complex is decreasing in size in generations as opposed to that level of change over tens of thousands of years. We’re at a crisis stage.”

In the coming months and years, the idea of chewing and learning about the mechanics of chewing will become all the rage. The physiological benefits of chewing have been understood for a while. However, the magnitude of the benefits in the context of epigenetics is a game-changer.

Many dental hygienists across the country visit schools during the academic school year to teach youngsters about oral hygiene. It may be time to teach chewing instead, especially to the younger kids and particularly to young and expectant mothers. A few of the valuable benefits of chewing are listed below.

1. Chewing can be affected by insufficient nasal breathing (due to enlarged lymph tissue like tonsils and adenoids) and impacts the function of the following:

a. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

b. Muscle tension and tone

c. Dental occlusion or malocclusion

d. Saliva production or lack of

e. Neurological or genetic disorders such as strokes, hemiparesis, hemifacial microsomia, and traumatic brain injury

2. Excessive chewing of gum leads to hypertrophic masseters and often to TMJ disorders and facial pain. Excessive gum chewing occurs with gums containing extended flavor times.

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